Posted by : admin | On : November 24, 2012

With the fast phase environment of technology today, it is never impossible to generate and develop gadgets such as the barcodes which can be used by the mobile marketing merchants. But, first what is barcode? Basically, barcode is being defined as an optical machine-readable depiction in which it contains different data regarding the item to which it is attached. In the beginning, barcode utilized lines with parallel widths and height with spacing and is often referred to as linear or one-dimensional. Read more [...]



Posted by : admin | On : October 19, 2012

Everything is automated nowadays. Gone was the traditional paper technology, when processes were done using the long route, by planning it out on paper and then carrying it on manually. Now, all it takes is a few taps on your computer, and you can book yourself to a first class flight en route to your dream vacation. You can buy tickets for your favorite band's concert through the net as well. Slowly but surely, the technology we have nowadays, is moving to paperless technology. You may not notice Read more [...]



Posted by : admin | On : June 21, 2012

In layman’s term- QR code simplifies the complete process of marketing with its creativity and artistic nature. QR code basically is the best software program that intrinsically being used in many of the ways. Primarily, QR code is QUICK RESPONSE link to more information which are type of 2D Barcodes that intuitively readable by smart phones and camera phones. Being the latest technology intervention QR code is the best tool for instantly generating an expressive view of the scanned QR Read more [...]