Posted by : admin | On : December 14, 2012

There is today a lot of bar code symbologies, and with that given; ways to capture the data held by these different types of bar code have evolved. Data capture technologies came in transition along with all the advancements that brought us into this modern era. A wider selection of various scanning devices is now provided to all kinds of industries. Scanning is now considered as a remarkable innovation that has changed the business world. Everything can now be done with more efficiency and accuracy. Read more [...]



Posted by : admin | On : November 24, 2012

With the fast phase environment of technology today, it is never impossible to generate and develop gadgets such as the barcodes which can be used by the mobile marketing merchants. But, first what is barcode? Basically, barcode is being defined as an optical machine-readable depiction in which it contains different data regarding the item to which it is attached. In the beginning, barcode utilized lines with parallel widths and height with spacing and is often referred to as linear or one-dimensional. Read more [...]



Posted by : admin | On : September 20, 2012

Everywhere and anywhere we see barcodes. You can find it on packages and wrappers of the food you consume or even the containers of the beverages you drink. Every day it’s impossible not to even get a glimpse of this black and white label. What is it? Or better yet, what is it for? What purpose does it serve? Well it’s there to make the purchases we do less troublesome. It’s made for our convenience; shopping convenience to be exact. Not only the consumers benefit from it but also the business Read more [...]



Posted by : admin | On : September 7, 2012

If everyone must know, there are several types of bar codes known to us today. Our common perception may include the black and white sets of lines and numbers that take the form of bar codes. Well those are your conventional types of bar codes, they are the 2D kinds. What we typically see around the streets are the 1D and 2D types, they’re the basic kinds. Also available to us now are the 3D bar codes. When you hear the word 3D, you must be thinking about multi-dimensional images that’s been Read more [...]



Posted by : admin | On : August 7, 2012

How can you make sure that everything you need will be properly recorded? What can help you make the list of what goes in and what goes out? In these days, keeping track of records may be difficult, especially if you have too many of them and you almost can’t keep a count on them. When this comes to a problem, then you should try using barcodes and barcode scanners for your needs. This system will surely make your work easier and keeping track of the things will be much convenient in your part. Barcode Read more [...]