Stolen Valuable can be Identified with 3D Barcode

Posted by : admin | On : September 7, 2012

If everyone must know, there are several types of bar codes known to us today. Our common perception may include the black and white sets of lines and numbers that take the form of bar codes. Well those are your conventional types of bar codes, they are the 2D kinds. What we typically see around the streets are the 1D and 2D types, they’re the basic kinds. Also available to us now are the 3D bar codes. When you hear the word 3D, you must be thinking about multi-dimensional images that’s been trending lately. Well 3D bar codes are truly multi-dimensional, but they’re not the kind that appears to be realistic when you use specialized glasses for 3D viewing! They’re 3D in terms of the different embossed dimensions it portrays to encode data infused within them. They earned the more popular term QR codes. The application of 3D bar codes was originally made to be directly placed on the particular merchandise during the manufacturing process. They first used around transportation manufacturing industries, wherein the codes helped track the vehicles or parts.

An interesting part that’s accompanied by the incorporation of 3D bar codes during the manufacturing process is that the embedded bar codes may serve as a very powerful tool when it comes to tracking and locating items.  Tracking and locating items, within the industrial world which is also associated along with the transport processes. The bar codes aid manufacturers to provide detailed status of their product’s delivery. What’s amazing is that we commoners can actually take advantage of this feature the 3D bar codes has. How is that so? It’s really dreadful losing things right? How about learning a technique that may actually help you find your missing valuable? Yes, it is very possible with the help of 3D bar codes. Basically, the tracking feature isn’t only limited around manufacturing industries. We can actually use the bar code technology to locate missing and stolen valuables. 3D bar codes can now be placed around valuable products like jewelleries, vehicles, gadgets or any other precious item. When the 3D bar codes are scanned, it will then provide information to which the item belongs and other personal details embedded within the tag. This will then help recognize if a particular item is stolen or genuinely possessed. This is very helpful when you are in need to prove authority and claim property rights to a particular item. Take for example losing a luxurious diamond and the owner was wise enough to embed microscopic bar codes in it, so when the owner locates it and is need of proof, the bar code is the perfect verification.

So if you think bar codes only belong to products for data management, think again. Don’t you find it amazing how much more ways people discover using bar codes? Who would’ve thought 3D bar codes would be such of help around burglary scenarios? When all we know is how much of a help it can be around manufacturing industries. It’s just another way to prove that bar codes continue to rise with more advancement done.