Kinds of Bar Codes for Play Station Games

Posted by : admin | On : October 4, 2012

Play Station! Have you ever tried playing one? This game console is probably one of the most well-known of its kind. As a child, you once dreamed of getting your hands on one. Now the Play Station got modified and enhanced through the years. More advanced models were released. There is the Play Station 1, 2 and 3 which is the latest model. With each model, games were developed and made to work solely on individual game console model. So say you have a Play Station 1 and you got yourself a new model which is the Play Station 2. You want to play the games you usually play on your Play Station 1 using your new game console which is the Play Station 2. You can’t and you have to buy new games for your Play Station 2 because you can’t use the games meant for your Play Station 1. That’s how all the games for Play Station works. The games you buy for a particular model only works for that model. Now can you imagine how many games are out there in the market because of this?

Play Station games usually come in the form of a Compact Disc or CD. The game consoles itself are optical CD readers. Play Station game CD’s are sold worldwide and with it flooding the market, how do you suppose they get a hold of each game product data? Of course that is with the help of bar codes! With bar codes practically everywhere, it’s not impossible for game developers to make use of such innovative system. Usually the bar codes associated and used with Play Station games are the prevalent UPC and EAN bar codes. Since they’re used by many, game developers stick to its usage. What are UPC and EAN bar codes?

Universal Product Code, that’s what UPC means and suppose you already got an idea why it got so famous. Yes and that is because it works universally just like its name says. It’s usually used for tracking and managing items around America and neighboring continents. But now, it’s practically used world-wide. It’s made up of 12 numerical digits along with the array of diverse lines. Each individual item is assigned by a unique code that will help identify its kind.

The EAN bar code on the other hand stands for European Article Number, but is now known as International Article Number. It’s still abbreviated as EAN if you must know. It has 13 digits unlike the UPC. That is because the additional number is for check and the other 12 is for data. Originally it revolved only around European countries that’s why it’s named European Article Number but since it’s now used world-wide, it got renamed to International Article Number.

The bar codes of Play Station games are usually found behind the front packaging. So locating it won’t be that hard. The bar codes can be used personally when you’re trying to sell it out or locate a copy.