How to barcodes actually work?

Posted by : admin | On : August 15, 2015

Barcodes are almost everywhere – from the washing powder you buy to books you find at a book store. Even today, driving licenses contain barcodes so you can easily image how important they are and what role they play in our daily lives. As we are accustomed to barcodes in our daily lives, we often don’t pay too much attention to their functioning such as how they are generated and how they are used across different industries. Let’s take a closer look at how these barcodes actually work.

There are basically two types of bar codes – linear, and 2D barcodes. Linear barcodes (the kind you see on UPC codes on products in the supermarket for instance) employ a string of thick and thin lines to display characters. The barcode reader (generally a laser these days) scans across the lines and discerns the transitions from light to dark to light to dark, and decodes the thick and thin bars into the characters they represent. This is actually barcode software which performs the function at the backend.

2D barcodes can be easily understood as decompression algorithms in which data is encoded and represented by the view of shapes in a two-dimensional space. There are a number of types of these, using various schemes, but they work more like same. One good example is QR codes. These are read by image scanners; basically a camera, and software decodes the patterns. 2-D barcodes are able to store a great amount of data and include error correction, very much similar to the way compressed files work on your computer system.

These 2D barcodes are meant to hold more data compared to linear barcodes. As far barcode generation is concerned, there is a specific barcode software generation tool is used which generates and prints high quality barcodes in less period of time. This software is basically a highly advanced tool which is the brain behind and makes barcodes using 26 linear barcode fonts e.g. Code 39, Code 11, UPC A and print high resolution barcodes with predefined standard templates such as Avery, Apli, Ace label etc.

If you want to generate barcodes for your products, this barcode software is a thing you would definitely require. Though you can easily get this software online, but it is recommended to use high quality software to get superior quality results. A short but focused research may be of immense help in choosing the right software.