Get the most genuine information about square barcodes?

Posted by : admin | On : September 15, 2015

These types of barcodes are known as QR codes and they are considered to be a two-dimensional barcodes in comparison to black & white vertical lines. The “QR” refers to Quick Response. The system of QR Codes was launched by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994 and had restricted usage until recently. The high level of acceptance of smart phones has resulted into an risen interest and usage of QR Codes.
How are these QR Codes scanned?

QR Codes can be scanned by employing barcode scanners and barcode software. The good point is that any smartphone / cell phone can be used as a camera and a decoding app can also decode them. The rise in popularity is most possibly due to smoothness of decoding with a phone. The phone can easily capture a picture of the QR code and then the phone is able to determine the light and dark patterns which are decoded using an algorithm to display the text encoded by the person that developed the QR code. If the decoding text is a web link phones with internet access can feasibly be redirected to the website on the basis of decoding software app.
How these codes are used?

There can be different types of uses for QR Codes. One of the most widely employed usages of a QR code is to encode contact information and represent on a business card. This enables users to feasibly be able to save contact information on their phone. Today, a large number of toy companies have encompassed QR Codes in their holiday sale flyers that connect to video or additional information about the toy. There is unlimited scope for QR Codes usage and since there are various free barcode software generators online they only demand a bit of creativity!

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous rise in the use of barcodes due to their great ability to store large amount of information. In addition, they are found to be a reliable and safer way to ensure product security and customer’s quality assurance. As far as their creation is concerned, there are specific barcode generators available in the markets that are widely used across the industry to assist in better inventory management in various industries. These next generation barcodes have transformed the industry by allow product manufacturing companies to allow better inventory management. These cods can be used to store information such as URLs, contact details, or texts.