How QR Code Differs from Usual Barcodes?

Posted by : admin | On : June 21, 2012

In layman’s term- QR code simplifies the complete process of marketing with its creativity and artistic nature. QR code basically is the best software program that intrinsically being used in many of the ways.

Primarily, QR code is QUICK RESPONSE link to more information which are type of 2D Barcodes that intuitively readable by smart phones and camera phones. Being the latest technology intervention QR code is the best tool for instantly generating an expressive view of the scanned QR code through multimedia devices. QR code is relevant approach alongside latest technology rendering online promotion activities that links user directly

through text, email, phone numbers, websites etc. and quickly decodes the hidden information by scan reader devices.The scope of QR code is huge and potentially accessible with whole marketing, social networking, education sectors, art galleries, advertisement etc. Hence, QR code is profoundly integrated with the whole process of marketing through its advanced functionality that widely seem to be popping up in newspaper, brochures, magazines, product packaging, shop displays, business cards, billboard, leaflets etc.In short, this modern day version of barcode technology is rapidly growing nowadays  and accessible by anyone in much prettier way with introduction of marvelous smart phones along side inbuilt functionality of QR codes.  It stores bulk amount of data with quick and trouble-free accessibility.

Hereby, we can easily say QR codes differ from usual linear barcodes in many ways:-

  • Qr code stores massive amount of information that enables links to several things like video, face book or twitter pages or superfluity to other websites in comparison to linear barcodes.
  • Qr codes fastest growing technology integrated with smart phones like Android, iphoness etc among businesses and consumers that results in rapidly conversion of data with its inbuilt scannability feature as compared to linear barcode.
  • QR codes are image based hypertext links that can be used offline just by enter any URL encoded into a QR code results in opened a web page automatically through scanning the barcode but linear barcode is simply readable through scanner.