Barcode Generator creates and prints user defined barcode labels
  Support 26 linear barcode fonts, create or import sequential barcode list, print scanable barcodes with Avery  
Barcode Generator
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Barcode Generator - Multipurpose Tool for Barcode Creation

Barcode Generator is easy to use application to create and print professional quality linear barcodes for bulk of products in few countable steps. It offers best approach to swiftly generate barcodes for commercial and non commercial sectors.
Key Features
Barcode Generator produces industrial barcodes by implementing 26 linear barcode fonts such as Code 39, UPC A, EAN 8 etc. Barcode Generator Software provides different printing options with distinct layouts including predefined labels like Avery, Apli, Ace etc
Where to Use
Barcode Generator software is most efficient and comprehensive software to generate barcodes for various goods involved in numerous industries such as Shipping, Inventory Management, Warehouse, Retail sectors, Electronic, Telecom, Transportation, Automobiles, Airlines, etc.

Barcode Generator Overview

Barcode Generator effectively creates and prints professional quality barcodes through user friendly two-step interface. Barcode application is a highly optimized tool used to produce barcodes using 26 linear barcode fonts e.g. Code 39, Code 11, UPC A and print high resolution barcodes with predefined standard templates such as Avery, Apli, Ace label etc. Barcode software provides a specialized feature to import data from text or excel for constructing industrial barcodes in list. Customize barcodes with basic settings such as width, height, background, bar color etc using advanced barcode application.
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Barcode Generator Overview

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Supported Barcode Fonts

Code 11
Code 128
Code 128 A
Code 128 C
Code 128 ABC

Code 39
Code 39 Extended
Code 93
Code 93 Extended
EAN 13

Industrial 2 of 5
Intelligent Mail
Interleaved 2 of 5

MAT 25



System Requirement

  • Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later.
  • 10 MB of hard disk space for software installation.
  • 16 MB RAM
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Print Barcodes

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Barcode Generator print barcodes with predefined labels like Avery, Apli, Ace and others.

Export Barcodes

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Barcode Software save barcodes as JPEG, BMP and other format images as well as copy barcodes in MS Word, MS Excel etc.

This software is wonderful!! I have searched so long on the internet for a Barcoding Software. Downloaded and installed many of them to try, some of them were hundred and two hundred of dollars. But no one could be compared to " Barcode Generator". It's so easy and quick; also price is the BEST for what you get.
mike goodman
Thanks to Barcode with so great features at a reasonable price. It's HARD to find a software designed to easy to use with so many features. I'm an owner of a "bookstore" and I'm so glad to have found a program that I don't have to be an operator to use.

jennifer vergara

Generate Customize Barcodes

Software facilitates to make premium quality barcodes with use of vastly implemented 26 linear barcode symbologies including Code 39, EAN, UPC, ISBN and remaining others. Barcode Generator is capable to employ additional information like
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Item Name, Id etc in format of Text Above, Text Below with barcodes. Barcode Generator offers various settings and formatting like height, width, color, text-fonts, bars, spaces, margins etc to create optimized barcodes. Barcode Program incorporates preview panel with measuring scale with cm and inches options to easily design as well as resize barcodes as per specific layouts such as asset tags, ribbons, stickers and coupons.

List Barcodes

Barcode Generator generates bulk of constant and sequential list barcodes by using specific barcode fonts for several distinct industries. Software comprises datasheet to instantly view barcode list and extremely proficient to modify particular
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barcode value as per defined requirement. Barcode Generator retains feature to import data from Excel or Text documents to create barcodes along with specific values and also provides an approach to export barcode values through text or excel format files for reuse.

Print Barcodes

Barcode Generator is ideal and versatile software to flawlessly print multiple best quality barcodes with assorted settings in few steps with use of ordinary, thermal or barcode printer. Software provides comprehensive solution to print single barcode
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per page with involving particular formatting in text, width, height, margin, color etc and also allow to print numerous barcodes precisely in same page. Barcode Generator is widely expert tool with dynamic print preview facility to print appropriate scannable barcodes for different labels such as Avery, Apli, Aone, Ace, Herma etc.

Export Barcode Images

Barcode Generator proffers option to reuse barcodes as user defined resolution images by Save and Copy barcode images. Barcode Software is competent approach to save barcode images with distinguished graphic formats like jpeg, gif, bmp, png,

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tiff, exif, emf etc. Barcode Generator is absolutely flexible to copy barcode images to clipboard with defined resolution DPI for integrating in many Windows applications such as Excel, Word, Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and various others.
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